Website audit & SEO health check

If you have a website that is not performing as well as you would like I will analyse your website and find out why. There may only be a few simple problems to fix.

  • Title of each page
  • Description of each page
  • Headings/layout
  • Images/videos
  • Website speed
  • Focus keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Internal links
  • Local citations
  • Competitor analysis
image showing a website audit report

Title and click through rate

Having a good unique title for each page is essential. The title will be displayed on the search results page and you need it to get noticed and to be very clickable. Click-through rate is very important and having the focus keywords in the title will help. You need people to take action when they see your title.


Having a good description of what your web page contains is also very important. Use the focus keyword within the first sentence of your description.

Headings and layout

Think of your web page as a newspaper article. A logical use of headings from H1 through to H6 will give your content a good structure. The H1 heading is one of the most important headings and should contain your focus keyword.

Images and videos

Use the right images and videos to break up the text on each page. Use the alt tag to describe each image or video. Search engines look at the alt tag to work out what each image or video contains. Use your focus keyword, but don’t overdo it. Make sure that all your images are optimised.

website speed test audit results

Website speed audit

Website speed is the time it takes to download your website from the web server where it is hosted. Part of the website audit includes a website speed test. I will probably find that your website is taking too long to download (this is a common problem). I will tell you how to improve your website speed.

image showing a google search box with the search term free website audit

Focus keywords and search terms

When someone searches for something on a search engine they will type in a search term like free website audit. The aim is to write some great content that will satisfy their search and answer their question. The focus keywords need to appear on the web page that you create.


Search engines like to see that other people are sharing your content. I will audit your backlinks. A common SEO practice in the last decade included creating thousands of backlinks from very poor websites. Google has put a stop to this. My advice is to stop building backlinks and start writing content that other people will share on social media.

Internal linking

The structure of your website is very important. Linking between pages with the right anchor text will help search engines navigate through your content.

external link audit image including graph

External linking

Linking from your own content to other websites is good SEO practice. If you are writing an article about a specific subject then it is worth linking to another website that has the same specific article. Obviously, you don’t want to send your own customers over to a competitor’s site. I recently tested a page that just had external links on it, Google picked this up quickly and started ranking my page for the anchor text of the links. Linking out to better content than yours is a good idea. If done very carefully.

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Website audit FAQ

Why do I need a website audit?

If you are trying to improve your search engine ranking you need to find out what is holding you back first. I will analyse your competitor’s websites and show you how I can improve your on-page and off-page SEO. I will look at the structure of your existing website test how fast it downloads and offer a lot of suggestions.

I am on page two of the Google search pages for a profitable search term can you help?

Yes I can help you boost your ranking on to page one. I will need to audit your website and give it a health check to make sure there are no problems first. I will outline what needs to be improved after looking at your competitors websites.

How often will I need my website to be audited?

I recommend you have your website audited every few months, to see if your search engine ranking position has improved. I monitor this website daily. If you need any help after the initial free audit please visit my pricing page.

I have my WordPress website hosted with a company that is not able to do SEO, can you audit my website and help?

Yes, I can it doesn’t matter who looks after your website or where it is hosted I can carry out an audit. You can then discuss my report with your web designer. I can work with your team to find new commercial keywords and improve your on-page SEO.

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