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WordPress One To One Tuition Online


About this course

WordPress Course Worcester

Learn how to build and maintain a WordPress website from the comfort of your own home. WordPress is a very powerful tool if you have the right knowledge to set it up correctly. I will show you how to build your own website using the right themes, plugins, and hosting.

  • Online course including online one to one tuition
  • Step by step instruction sharing my own screen
  • This WordPress course is great for beginners
  • You will only need a computer and webcam

How to set up WordPress quickly

  • Introduction to WordPress and the dashboard
  • How to install and set up a WordPress website
  • Registering a domain name and buying the correct hosting

Structuring your pages

  • How to use the WordPress Block Editor
  • Structuring your pages. How to add WordPress Blocks
  • How to add headings and format text properly
  • Create well designed mobile-friendly pages
  • How to add links to your pages and existing content
  • Inserting media including images and video content

Content Management

  • An explanation of WordPress Pages, Posts
  • Widgets and plugins explained
  • Adding and compressing images
  • How to use Categories and add the right tags

Website structure

  • How to create and arrange menus
  • How to create a simple blog site
  • How to create a brochure website for your business

Setting up comments in WordPress

  • Handle comments in WordPress correctly
  • Stop spam using plugins
  • Turn off comments

The best WordPress plugins

  • The best WordPress plugins to use this year
  • How to install WordPress plugins on your dashboard
  • Optimisation plugins explained
  • Install the Facebook pixel code
  • Install Google Analytics

What’s included ?

  • 5 hours – Live online training

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