WordPress website design in Worcester

We are based in Kempsey near Worcester and offer a range of services to help small businesses gain more customers online.

Why WordPress ?

I have been using WordPress to build websites for over ten years and have watched it improve to become one of the leading content management systems for small businesses. Approximately (75 million) 39% of the websites hosted on the internet are built using WordPress and Google seems to love it.

If you have an existing WordPress website I would suggest that you have it audited first. I will be able to improve your search engine ranking by editing your existing website and improving the content.

I will use some of the most advanced software to audit your existing site and tell you exactly how you can improve your search engine ranking on Google and Bing.

Website Audit

The process

I have been using the same process to launch new websites successfully for over twenty years. I have learned to test the market online first and then move on to the final website.

: WordPress website design & search engine marketing

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Planning for success

I think that planning a new website and marketing campaign is the most important part of the process. I will organise a one-hour video call to help you plan the content required. If you are keen to go ahead I will offer to build a small WordPress website.

Test everything

After the planning stage is complete I will build a test website and drive some traffic to the site to see how it performs. I will gather a lot of data including click-through rate and conversion rate. If the numbers add up I will increase the number of pages focussing on profitable keywords.

image showing two people working on a wordpress analytics report

Launch your WordPress site

After testing your new website and collecting a lot of data I will launch a small website containing about six pages. I will make the site mobile friendly and make sure it loads very quickly. I focus on Google’s guidelines and only produce sites that Google will love.


How much does it cost to have a website including fast hosting?

Every website is different and it will depend on the number of pages you require and the hosting service you would like. The most popular package that I offer is £60 per month which includes a WordPress website, domain name (www.yourbusinessname.co.uk), 6 web pages, and very fast hosting. There will be no expensive setup fees and all the technical updates to your website are included. Take a look at the pricing page or use give me a call for a quote.

How long will it take before my website is ranked by Google?

The system that I use will send your website straight to the Google search console where it will be submitted instantly. Google will decide when it wants to visit your website and crawl your site. It usually only takes a few days.

How long have you been building websites?

I started in 1999 after completing a business course and realising that the internet was going to be search-based. Yahoo was the company that was winning and Google was only just getting started. I have learned a lot about building web-based businesses over the past twenty years.

How long will it take to get my website live?

The whole process from planning through to final website upload will take about three weeks. It is very important that I gather as much data as I can to help your website succeed.

What happens if I want to move my website to another hosting company in the future?

We would always work with you to move the website away from our server to your new hosting company. We provide secure fast hosting and would hope you never need to move your website.