Richard Barley

I started building websites in 2000 using Adobe Dreamweaver. I registered a domain name www.pureprints.com and decided that I would build an online stock image library. Google started to rank some of the pages that I produced.

I became fascinated with Google and started reading books about search engine optimisation. I soon realised that it was not magic and that you could influence your search result on Google by using a range of simple techniques. I learned a lot by trial and error and found a system that worked.

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I started by trying to rank www.pureprints.com for the search term “wedding photographers Worcestershire” to see if I could start a wedding photography business using the internet.

I tried every search engine optimisation technique that I learned from the books and managed to rank www.pureprints.com on page one of Google for the search terms “wedding photographers Worcestershire” and “wedding photographers Worcester”

I started booking weddings very quickly and realised how powerful search engine optimisation could be.

I had an idea to try and rank another website for the same search term on page one. I registered the domain name www.richardbarley.co.uk and produced a wedding photography website. After a few months Google also ranked this website on page one of the search results just below www.pureprints.com for the search terms “wedding photographers Worcestershire” and “wedding photographers Worcester”

I then discovered Google Adwords (Google Ads) and decided to pay per click to rank an advert at the top of page one for the search term “wedding photographers Worcestershire”. I paid about £1 per click for this advert and every wedding booking cost me about £60. For an average wedding, I would earn £800. I became obsessed with learning Google Ads.

The end result was one paid Google advert at the top of page one, www.pureprints.com in the middle of the page, and www.richardbarley.co.uk at the bottom of the page.

I managed to book over three hundred weddings using this technique and had a successful wedding photography business for over fifteen years.

I decided to stop photographing weddings a few years ago and started to help other people produce their own online businesses.

If you need help with your website or search engine marketing please contact me to discuss your project.