Top 2 tips to improve your SEO

Search engine optimisation is one of the best ways to improve the quality and quantity of visitors coming to your website. Here are two tips that will help you improve your SEO this year.

  • Look at your competitors websites and reverse engineer their success
  • Choose profitable keywords and base your content around these keywords
competitor research seo

Competitor research

Choose three of your competitors that are ranking at the top of page one on Google. Work out why they are doing well and work out why they are ranking above you in the search results.

  • Is their website loading quickly?
  • Do they have a lot of high quality back links to their website?
  • Are they using a particular profitable keyword throughout there content?
  • Are pages laid out well including images and videos?
  • Do they have a good linking structure from one page to another?

The main aim of competitor research is to work out what they are doing right first. Technical on-site SEO is very important, do not focus on backlinks first. Content is king and always will be.

Only focus on profitable commercial keywords

Good keyword research is essential, finding the most profitable commercial keywords that you can rank for easily is the key to making a profit from your website. Focus on finding profitable keywords first. Start by looking at your competitor’s website, and work out which keywords are bringing them paying customers.

  • Only focus on the keywords that someone will type in when they want to buy a product or service
  • Do not focus on keywords with FREE in the phrase
  • Reverse engineer your competitors pages one at a time
  • Try and rank for lots of profitable keywords (one keyword per page)
  • Focus on buyer intent always

If you would like your website audited to find out how you can rank higher please get in touch.

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